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Quotes I couldn't send this email fast enough. I was so excited when I walked in my house yesterday. I have always been against paying for a cleaning service....until I realized I was overwhelmed. My house was a complete MESS and I didn't want anyone to see it that way. I am so pleased with what Angela's crew has done that I am using them every month and can't wait for the next cleaning. They were very professional, prompt, friendly and very hard working! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Angela provides excellent service. She communicates via email and mobile phone and calls back nearly immediately for questions or concerns. The house is beautiful when finished and smells great! I love coming home to the relaxing aroma of a clean house, freshly vacuumed, and no worries about security issues. Everything is right where it should be and unfortunate messes left after busy days are stacked neatly or gone entirely. She is very polite and courteous as our her employees/coworkers. Thanks Angela and your team for a great job! Going to Yelp you now... ( Quotes

Quotes Today was my initial cleaning & I had to post I happy I was when I came home today! Angela & I have communicated entirely through e-mail. She is very professional and quick to respond. I look forward to my bi-monthly cleanings. Thank you=) Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I had my first cleaning yesterday and I can't express how satisfied and happy I was when I walked in my home. Angela's did such a superb job and surpassed my expectations tremendously. My home smelled wonderful and was so clean even I didn't recognize it. I will definitely be getting on a regular schedule with them. Thanks so much Angela's!! Quotes
Maria C.
New Customer

Quotes Angela and her team always provide excellent and professional service. They are polite, incredibly trustworthy and very hardworking. Angela makes herself very available, communicating immediately via email and cell to answer questions or respond to concerns. Our apartment is always impeccable when the team is finished cleaning, with extra acts of service even completed (i.e., laundry hug/folded). Her team truly does go the extra mile and I highly recommend their servicesI Thanks so much to Angela and her team! Quotes

Quotes Angella's services have been clening our home bi-weekly and we look forwrad to the cleaning day as they leave our home immaculate. We are going to miss her workers as they are always pleasant and efficient. Do your self a favor and let Angela improve your living space's Ken L Customer Quotes
Ken L.

Quotes I am very unsatisfied with the last few cleanings that I have had and I am choosing to go with a different cleaning service. Preferably one that will come at the appointment time. The past three cleanings the cleaners have either "gone to the wrong appointment" or been several hours late. When they do finally arrive they do a terrible job and try to get out of the house in an hour or less. The last time I actually asked that they come back and do the house again. When they came back to correct the cleaning in my home one of the ladies kept telling the other employees that I was crazy in Spanish. It is very insulting especially when this wasn't done right the first time and still done poorly when I requested that they come back to fix the work. They obviously do not care about retaining customers so this will be the end of our business dealings. They do not hold to checklist on the website and even when asked to clean again. Go with someone else! Quotes
Horrible Cleaning

Quotes You can't go wrong with baking soda and vigenar!I make a paste with baking soda and use it and a scrubby sponge to clean the sink and tub- does wonders with soap scum.Vinegar and water 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle works as an all-purpose cleaner and as a window cleaner too.There's a ton of resources online that are project-specific. Pretty soon you won't know why you ever needed all those chemicals Quotes

Quotes Friday was my first cleaning done by Angela's and I am pleased with their work. It was great to come home after a long trip over the weekend to a clean home, all I had to do was shower and get some sleep. :-)!! Great Job Quotes
Ms Johnson
Initial Cleaning

Quotes Angela has been handling the cleaning duties at my house in Arlington for eight plus years. Very professional, honest and does an excellent job. Highly recommend her. ? Terry Quotes